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ISSUE: Volume 44, Number 20: October 26, 2006

Top Stories
Flying team wins regional competition
Events to Note
Keep Going program is this week
Biology seminar is Oct. 27
Jerry Straka to speak at atmospheric sciences seminar
BBQ benefit set for Oct. 28
Manhattan Piano Trio to perform at Museum of Art
General graduate faculty meeting set for Oct. 30
Global Visions film series continues Monday with "Water"
Make-A-Wish fundraiser is Oct. 31
Box lunch features gen ed task force report
Visit Halloween Open House at Babcock Hall Friday, Monday
Women's Center hosts Meet, Eat and Learn
Indian Studies Association holds film festival
Doctoral examination set for Kathleen Sonsteng
InPulse and Don Williams will be at the Chester Fritz Auditorium
View transit of Mercury across Sun Nov. 8
Patent, trademark workshop set for Nov. 14
Faculty-directed study abroad workshop is Friday
Trace Adkins, Billy Currington & Jason Aldean to play the Ralph
U2 workshops listed
Disability Support Services names Access Champions
Water Resources Research Institute seeks fellowship applications
University Senate lists agenda
Studio One features anger management classes, airplane investigation course
Please coordinate events with parking office
Museum Cafe celebrates cuisine from India, Italy
Internal job openings listed
In the News
Roesler named chief flight instructor
Flying team wins regional competition

The UND Flying Team blasted past its competitors for the championship title in the Region V National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference. UND’s winning score of 278 points was followed by St. Cloud State University’s 106 points. The University of Dubuque took third with 89 points, followed by a fourth-place finish of 52 by Minnesota State University - Mankato.

The national competition will be held in Columbus, Ohio, May 7-12, 2007, and will be hosted by The Ohio State University. UND’s Flying Team has won 14 of the last 22 national competitions.
-- Karen Ryba, Director of Communications, Aerospace,, 701-777-4761

Keep Going program is this week

Trough Friday, Oct. 27, the Office of Student Academic Services will hold the Keep Going program. Keep Going is an information session on the advisement and registration process for freshmen, current and transfer students who need assistance registering for the spring semester.

Topics covered during each session will include: navigating Campus Connection, understanding the General Education Requirements, exploring the UND academic catalog, and identifying roles of the advisor and student.

This event is being held at the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl at the following times:
Thursday, Oct. 26, 2-2:50 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 27, 10-10:50 a.m.

If you would like more details about the program, please call 777-2117.
-- Heather Martin, Academic Advisor, Student Academic Services,, 777-2117

Biology seminar is Oct. 27

A biology seminar by Jeff Vaughan is set for noon Friday, Oct. 27, in 141 Starcher Hall. He will address "Population Dynamics of Plasmodium Development in Mosquitoes."

Jerry Straka to speak at atmospheric sciences seminar

Professor Jerry M. Straka, School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, will present a seminar, “Do We Know What Causes Mammatus?” Friday, Oct. 27, at 3:30 p.m. in 132 Ryan Hall. The seminar is free and open to the public. All faculty, staff and students are invited to attend.

Mammatus clouds are an intriguing enigma of atmospheric fluid dynamics and cloud physics. Most commonly observed on the underside of cumulonimbus anvils, mammatus also occur on the underside of cirrus, cirrocumulus, altocumulus, altostratus, and stratocumulus, as well as in contrails from jet aircraft and pyrocumulus ash clouds from volcanic eruptions. Despite their aesthetic appearance, mammatus have been the subject of few quantitative research studies. Observations of mammatus have been obtained largely through serendipitous opportunities with a single observing system (e.g., aircraft penetrations, visual observations, lidar, radar) or tangential observations from field programs with other objectives. Theories describing mammatus remain untested as adequate measurements for validation do not exist because of the small distance scales and short time scales of mammatus. Modeling studies of mammatus are virtually nonexistent. As a result, relatively little is known about the environment, formation mechanisms, properties, microphysics, and dynamics of mammatus.

This talk presents a review of mammatus clouds that addresses these mysteries. Previous observations of mammatus and proposed formation mechanisms are discussed. Idealized cloud-modeling studies of mammatus clouds are presented, believed to be the first ever to model mammatus explicitly. Finally, because much still remains to be learned, research opportunities are described for using mammatus as a window into the microphysical, turbulent, and dynamical processes occurring on the underside of clouds.

BBQ benefit set for Oct. 28

A benefit BBQ supper for Pam Hanley Solseng will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 601 University Ave., Grand Forks. The supper will be followed by a silent auction. Pam is the daughter of Yvonne Hanley, assistant professor of teaching and learning.

A free will offering will be accepted with proceeds going to the family for expenses associated with her serious illness. If you are unable to attend but wish to contribute, please send your donation to: Pamela Solseng Benefit, Gate City Bank, 3205 S. Washington St., Grand Forks, ND 58201. -- Cec Volden Lambeth, professor of nursing practice and role development.

Manhattan Piano Trio to perform at Museum of Art

The Manhattan Piano Trio will perform in the Museum Concert Series at the North Dakota Museum of Art Sunday, Oct. 29, at 2 p.m.

Hailed by critics as a “grand departure from the usual,” the Manhattan Piano Trio (MPT) is one of the most prominent, versatile, exciting and busiest emerging chamber music groups in the country. It is also the Grand Prize Winner of the 2006 Plowman National Chamber Music Competition and Runner Up at the Chesapeake International Chamber Music Competition. The Trio comprises Milana Bahl (piano), Dmitry Lukin (violin) and Dmitry Kouzov (cello). The “Dmitrys” are from St. Petersburg (Russia) and met Milana, a Moldavian born American, literally “on the front steps” of The Juilliard School during the summer of 2004.

Pianist and founding member Milana Bahl is a 1996 Arts Recognition and Talent Search awardee. She is also winner of the Young Artist Competition and Yamaha Piano competition (FL) as well as IBLA Competition (Italy). Dmitry Kouzov is the 1st prize winner at the International Beethoven Cello Competition (Czech Republic), a two-time laureate of the International Festival-Competition, “Virtuosi of the Year 2000”(Russia), winner of the 2005 Juilliard Cello Concerto competition and recipient of the 2006 New York Cello Society’s “Rising Star” Award. Dmitry Lukin is a second prize-winner at the 2005 International Violin Competition of Sion-Valais (Switzerland), where he was also the recipient of the "Audience Choice" award. He is also a Laureate of Mravinsky Int’l Music Competition (Russia) and Takasaki International Competition (Japan).

Just the past two seasons has seen MPT give over a 125 concerts spanning 22 states, including their debut performance at Alice Tully Hall (NYC) among other prestigious venues. They were also one of the first chamber music groups to perform in New Orleans, post Katrina.

The program is billed as “Music of the Masters,” showcasing captivating music of different styles and musical periods. Tickets for the Concert Series can be purchased at the door or in advance at the North Dakota Museum of Art located on Centennial Drive on the University of North Dakota campus. Non-member tickets are $15 per concert at the door. Member tickets are $13 per concert at the door. Student and Military tickets are $5 per concert at the door. Free admittance for children, middle school and under. Order your tickets today by calling (701) 777-4195.
-- Brian Lofthus, Assistant to the Director, North Dakota Museum of Art,, 701 777-4195

General graduate faculty meeting set for Oct. 30

The fall general graduate faculty meeting is set for Monday, Oct. 30, at 3 p.m. in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl. Refreshments will be served at 2:30 p.m. The meeting agenda follows:

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of minutes from April 10 meeting
3. Old business - none
4. New business
a. Report from the Graduate Committee - Duane Helleloid
b. Report from the dean
c. Question period
5. Matters arising
6. Adjourn

-- Joseph Benoit, dean, Graduate School.

Global Visions film series continues Monday with "Water"

The Global Visions film series features award-winning international movies. All films are free, and are held in the Lecture Bowl in the Memorial Union on Tuesday nights at 7p.m., EXCEPT the up-coming film:

"Water," a film by India's exceptional film artist, Deepa Mehta, is winning awards around the globe and will be shown at 7 p.m. Monday in the Lecture Bowl of the Union. It is free and open to the public.

"Your life changes from now on. . . You are a widow from now." And the barely 10-year-old girl looks at her crying father with innocent, detached eyes to ask, "Until when?" With a backdrop of the little girl's old dead husband's pyre burning, this is one of the many instances of the inhumane customs trapped by Deepa Mehta on camera. The movie opens up with a text from Manu's 2,000 year old ancient script on how the life of a widow is supposed to be lived. Fast forward to a small Indian town in 1938, where the story moves to a "widow house" where widows from the age of 10 to 90 live together struggling to make ends meet. Water essentially follows the young girl Chuyia's (beautifully portrayed by child actor Sarala) journey from her losing her old husband to her entering the widow house. You get to see the life of widows through the eyes of little Chuyia.

The next film is "Ma Vie en Rose," from France, Tuesday, Nov. 7. Ludovic is waiting for a miracle. With seven-year-old certainty, he believes he was meant to be a little girl - and that the mistake will soon be corrected. But where he expects the miraculous, Ludo finds only refection, isolation and guilt - as the intense reactions of family, friends, and neighbors strip away every innocent lace and bauble. As suburban prejudices close around them, family loves and loyalties are tested in the ever-escalating dramatic turns of Alin Berliner's critically acclaimed first feature. Winner of the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film and a favorite at festivals around the world, this unique film experience delivers magic of the rarest sort through a story of difference, rejection, and childlike faith in miracles.

"Breakfast on Pluto," from Ireland, is Tuesday, Nov. 21. Set in the 1970s, "Breakfast on Pluto" follows the exploits of Patrick Braden (Cillian Murphy), an endearing, but deceptively tough young man. Abandoned as a baby in his small Irish hometown and aware from a very early age that he is different, Patrick survives this harsh environment with the aid of his wit and charm, plus a sweet refusal to let anyone and anything change who he is. As Patrick's penchant for dressing up and his sewing skills develop, he begins his transformation into the beautiful and androgynous Kitten. With a burning desire to find his mother, he moves to London where an hilarious, memorable and emotional series of misadventures sees Kitten finally finding the love and happiness he so craves and deserves. Neil Jordan weaves a wonderfully surreal and magical tale to bring us this funny, moving and poignant rites of passage account of a young man enduring the trials and tribulations he faces with a smile and unwavering faith in the inherent goodness in us all.

"Chinhyang," from Korea, will play Tuesday, Dec. 5. The plot of "Chunhyang" is a story about two lovers separated by class, such as the doomed romance between a penniless writer and a showgirl seen in "Moulin Rouge", or even the pairing of a corporate shark and a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold seen in "Pretty Woman." In this case, the forbidden love is between Mongyoung Lee (Cho Seung-woo), a governor's son, and Chunghyang Sung (Lee Hyo-jeong), the beautiful daughter of a courtesan, who marry in secret after a brief courtship. Unfortunately, Mongyoung cannot tell his father about his class-defying union, as it will not only bring shame to the family name, but also potentially jeopardize a future appointment to the Royal Court. Their married bliss is short-lived, as the governor is transferred to Soeul and Mongyoung is obligated to follow, leaving Chunhyang behind only with a promise to return some day. Unfortunately, years go by, and a new governor (Lee Jung-hun) takes office in the region, who wishes to have Chunghyang as his mistress. Determined to remain faithful to her absent husband, Chunghyang refuses the governor's demands. Enraged by such insolence, the new governor has Chunghyang beaten, thrown in prison, and sentenced to death. "Chunhyang" has the distinction of being the first Korean film to ever compete in the Cannes Film Festival, and is a much deserved global debut for Im Kwon-taek, who is considered to be Korea's leading director, with a filmography that stretches four decades and numerous awards to his name. True, it may be rather unconventional in execution, but the film's sheer beauty and familiar yet heartfelt story make "Chunhyang" a rare and uplifting moviegoing experience, whether you are familiar with pansori or not.
-- Marcia Mikulak, Assistant Professor, Anthropology,, 701-777-4718

Make-A-Wish fundraiser is Oct. 31

The UND Student-Athlete Advisory Council will hold a bake sale on Halloween, Oct. 31, in Gamble Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Please support a great cause with sweets and a donation. Thank you.

For more information, contact Betty Ralston, associate athletic director, 777-4036.

Box lunch features gen ed task force report

Members of the Gen Ed Task Force have been at work for more than a year now. They’ve met with two outside experts, consulted with faculty in more than 20 departments, heard proposals for new program features from faculty and students across UND, invited feedback on possible features and goals during previous “On Teaching” sessions, and conducted more than a dozen research projects to learn more about gen ed options and outcomes at UND and across the nation. Based on that work, task force members have come to agreement about key features that might be included within a new gen ed program at UND, and they want to tell you about their ideas and hear what you think.

Please join us for a box lunch at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, oct. 31, in the Memorial Room of the Union to learn about and discuss the report.

A near-final proposal will be developed by January and forwarded to the provost and, eventually, University Senate – so this is the time to get involved. Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about what a new gen ed program at UND might look like. And please come to provide feedback on these ideas! No program is more important to UND than general education. Be part of the conversation.

To sign up to attend: Please call or e-mail Jana Hollands (7-4998) or by noon Friday, October 27, to attend this lunch session.
-- Libby Rankin, Director, Office of Instructional Development,, 777-4233

Visit Halloween Open House at Babcock Hall Friday, Monday

The University community is invited to the Fourth Annual Halloween Open House hosted by the Department of Anthropology, Forensic Science Club and the Anthropology Club. The Open House will feature the Haunted Maze (admission $2), plenty of spooky decorations, free games, prizes, refreshments and candy for the kids! This year it's a two day event: Friday, Oct. 27, 1 to 4:30 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m., and Monday, Oct. 30, from noon to 5 p.m. in Babcock Hall's second floor. We hope to see you there!
-- Jamie Rerick, Administrative Secretary, Anthropology,, 777-4615

Women's Center hosts Meet, Eat and Learn

The Women's Center will host Meet, Eat and Learn, Wednesday, Nov. 1, at the International Centre from noon to 1 p.m. Kay Mendick, director of the center, will give a "Safety 101" workshop as it relates to the Impact Personal Safety program on campus. Lunch is provided and everyone is welcome.
-- Patty McIntyre, Program Associate, Womens Center,, 777-4300

Indian Studies Association holds film festival

The Indian Studies Association is celebrating American Indian Heritage Month in November with the first Indian Studies Association Film Festival. All films will be shown at the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl, 7-9 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

The six films include:
* "Powwow Highway," Wednesday, Nov. 1
* "Skins," Thursday, Nov. 2
* "Riding with Ghosts," Wednesday, Nov. 8
* "Trudell," Wednesday, Nov. 15
* "The Business of Fancydancing," Thursday, Nov. 16
* "The Doe Boy," Monday, Nov. 20

For more information, contact the Department of Indian Studies at 777-4314.

Doctoral examination set for Kathleen Sonsteng

The final examination for Kathleen Sonsteng, a candidate for the Ed.D. degree with a major in Teaching and Learning, is set for 9 a.m., Friday, Nov. 3, in Room 206, Education Building. The dissertation title is "The Lived Experiences of Three Student Teachers in a Birth-Third Grade Teacher Education Program." Myrna Olson (Teaching and Learning) is the committee chair. The public is invited to attend.
-- Joseph Benoit, Dean, Graduate School,, 7-4005

InPulse and Don Williams will be at the Chester Fritz Auditorium

InPulse will be in concert at the Chester Fritz Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7. Breaking away from the traditional conventions of a cappella music has become a hallmark of the Twin Cities-based group. InPulse has chosen to play an active part in the evolution of both a cappella and popular music, and as a progressive artistic ensemble, has made itself known mostly through its dynamic, original compositions while performing new, inventive arrangements of covers which suit the distinctive InPulse flavor. Their performance showcases the versatility of the human voice, while the group’s truly artistic approach to their music leaves little confusion as to their mission: to take the a cappella “vocal band” sound into mainstream popular music and bring some legitimacy and credibility back to today’s suffering pop culture.

Don Williams is at the Fritz at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 4. With his laid-back, straightforward vocals and large, imposing build, Don Williams has earned the nickname, "the Gentle Giant." Williams garnered this nickname in the early 1970s, when he began a string of countrypolitan hits that ran into the early 1990s. Williams' ballads were immensely popular; in the course of his career, he had 17 number one hits. Don't miss your last chance to see Don Williams perform in Grand Forks.

Get tickets at the Chester Fritz Box office, charge by phone 772-5151 or online at
-- Betty Allan, Director, Chester Fritz Auditorium,, 7-2170

View transit of Mercury across Sun Nov. 8

UND will host a special opportunity to see transit of Mercury across the face of the Sun Wednesday, Nov. 8. Mercury, the iron-cored little planet that whips around the Sun in just 88 days, is tough to see. UND astrophysicist Timothy Young says that unless you keep a real close eye out for it at sunup or sundown, you’ll miss it every time because it’s so faint and disappears quickly.

But look out: Mercury will be clearly visible here on Nov. 8 for about five hours starting at about 1 p.m. Central Standard Time as it slowly crosses the Sun’s disk. It will be a decade before it happens again. In technical terms, this crossing is called a transit, and it happens when a planet traverses the line of sight between the Earth and the Sun, notes Young, a faculty member in physics. With colleague Ron Marsh (Computer Science), Young has become widely known for his increasingly popular solar eclipse Webcasts. The team traveled to French Guiana last month to Webcast the latest solar eclipse (see and was in Turkey in March year to Webcast the previous eclipse.

“This November transit is an excellent, and relatively rare, opportunity to see Mercury-the next Mercury transit will be in May 2016,” says Young. Mercury transits the Sun only a dozen times or so per century, Young notes.

There's a catch: the only way to see this exciting astronomical event is through a telescope with special solar glasses. You’ll be able to do just that at a special site set up for Mercury's Wednesday, Nov. 8, transit at South Middle School, 1999 47th Ave South, Grand Forks. If you can’t come to the school, you’ll be able to view the Mercury transit live online. For more details, contact Young directly by phone at (701) 777-4709 or by e-mail at

The transit observation team comprises experts and astronomy aficionados from physics, teaching and learning, SEMs (Sun-Earth-Moon system, a collaborative project between physics and computer science, Grand Forks Park District, and Grand Forks Public Schools.

Patent, trademark workshop set for Nov. 14

The Chester Fritz Library and the Center for Innovation invite the public to attend “Researching Patent and Trademark Information: A Free Workshop for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Educators and Legal Professionals,” Tuesday, Nov. 14, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneur Center, 4200 James Ray Drive next to the Hilton Garden Inn.

Staff from the United States Patent and Trademark Office will present information about the U.S. Patent and Trademark program and show people how to search U.S. Patent and Trademark databases. This event is free and open to the public. For more information and registration form, please go to the web page:

People wishing to attend the workshop should contact Peggy O’Connell at the UND Chester Fritz Library by Nov. 6 so there is a count of workshop participants.

To register, contact O’Connell by regular mail, telephone or e-mail at
Peggy O’Connell, Chester Fritz Library, 3051 University Ave. Stop 9000, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9000; 777-4888,

Please provide the following information: name, phone, and postal or e-mail address. Please identify yourself as one of the following: inventor, businessperson, legal professional, library staff, faculty, teacher, or other.

Faculty-directed study abroad workshop is Friday

If you are interested in leading UND students on a faculty-directed study abroad experience, be sure to attend the faculty-directed workshop Friday, Oct. 27, at the Office of International Programs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. To reserve a lunch, please RSVP to the Office of International Programs at 777-6438.
-- Victoria Beard, Associate Provost, 777-4824.

Trace Adkins, Billy Currington & Jason Aldean to play the Ralph

The CMT On Tour with Trace Adkins, Billy Currington and Jason Aldean will play the Ralph Saturday, Dec. 2, at 8 p.m. Tickets, $29.50 and $39.50, are on sale now at the Ralph Engelstad Arena Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations, by calling 701.772.5151 or online at For more information about the concert check out
-- Sommer Lockhart, Marketing Manager, Ralph Engelstad Arena,, 70833

U2 workshops listed

Below are U2 workshops for November 7-16. Visit our web site for more.

Word XP: Beginning
November 7, 8, & 9, 12:30-3:30 p.m.
Upson II, Room 361
(9 Hours Total)
Prerequisite: Basic understanding of computers: mouse and file saving/retrieving skills.
Learn basic features of the program; create a document, edit and format text, format paragraphs, add tables, use templates and wizards, proof a document, set display and print options, mail merge wizard.
Presenter: Heidi Strande

GroupWise 6.5: Beginning
November 13, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Upson II, Room 361
Participants will navigate through the GroupWise environment, create and send messages; reply to and forward messages; use the Address Book, create a personal address book, create a mail group; work with calendar, schedule posted appointments and recurring events; work with Junk Mail folder and other mail handling features.
Presenter: Heidi Strande

Hot Talk: How our choice of language can create conflict and harm
November 14, 9:00-11:00 a.m.
Skalicky Tech Incubator, Room 211
FEE: $20.00
Often it is the way in which we say or frame a statement that increases the potential for conflict. In fact, the use of judgements, assumptions, and evaluation in our everyday language can harm ourselves and our relationships with others. This workshop will help us to understand the impact of a simple statement like: "He doesn't study enough" can evoke negative feelings and impact the message you wish to convey. It will also give opportunities to look at our language from intent to impact, and consider other ways we can communicate to foster greater understanding and to build lasting respectful relationships.
Presenter: Kristin Paranica

Introduction to Dreamweaver 2004 MX
November 14, 16, & 17, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
Upson II, Room 361 **LIMITED SEATING**
Prerequisite: Basic understanding of computers; mouse and saving/retrieving skills.
Learn how to use Dreamweaver’s graphical page-building interface to develop and manage static Web sites that feature text graphics, and navigation.
Presenter: Doris Bornhoeft

Future Trends in Workers Compensation
November 14, 11:00 a.m. to Noon
Auxiliary Services, Conference Room
This class covers legal aspects of workers compensation and how they may be changing in the future claims. Various issues that will be covered include designated health care, the appeal process, role of the supervisor, and general knowledge of workers compensation. This is a valuable class with current information suitable for any individuals responsible for involvement with work-related injuries in their department.
Presenter: Claire Moen

GroupWise 6.5: Intermediate
November 15, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
Upson II, Room 361
Participants will work with advanced message options, set mail properties; customize message headers, use Web Access interface, create and use rules to automate email responses, and set access rights. Work in depth with Junk Mail folder and archive feature.
Presenter: Heidi Strande

Records Retention & E-Mail
November 16, 1:00-2:00 p.m.
Memorial Union, Badlands Room
During this workshop, you will learn what role e-mail plays in an organization. UND Policy and best practices for retaining e-mail messages.
Presenter: Chris Austin, UND Records Manager

Please reserve your seat by registering with U2 by: Phone 777-2128, Email, or Online Please Include: (1) Workshop Title/ Date, (2) Name, (3) Department, (4) Position, (5) Box #, (6) Phone #, (7) Email, & (8) How you first learn about this workshop? Thank you for registering in advance; it helps us plan for materials and number of seats.
-- Julie Sturges, Program Assistant, U2,, 777-2128

Disability Support Services names Access Champions

Each year, Disability Support Services staff and students with disabilities recognize faculty and staff who have done an exceptional job of providing access in the classroom and on campus. The following were named access champions at the annual DSS awards reception: Forrest Ames (Mechanical Engineering), Loren Liepold (Theatre Arts), and Andrew Kvitek, Student and member of Pi Kappa Phi.

The criteria for receiving an Access Champion award are: providing accommodations in a fair and respectful way and holding students to the same academic standards as expected of all other students; maintaining a friendly, respectful and inclusive environment, using concepts of “universal design” to minimize the need for accommodations, or designing a creative way to provide access.
-- Deb Glennen, Director, Disability Support Services,, 777-3425

Water Resources Research Institute seeks fellowship applications

The North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute (ND WRRI) has announced its 2007 Graduate Research Fellowship program. UND and NDSU graduate students who are conducting or planning research in water resources areas may apply for fellowships varying from three summer months to a full year in duration.

Typically, past fellowship awards for master’s degree students have been in the range of $800-$1,000, and for doctoral students $1,000-$1,400 per month. The fellowship funds must be applied for between March 1, 2007, and Feb. 29, 2008.

Projects proposed for fellowship support should relate to water resources research issues in the state or region. Regional, state or local collaborations or co-funding will strengthen an application. Fellowships have a matching requirement of two non-federal dollars to one federal dollar. Applicants should have a plan of study filed and should have a thesis research topic chosen at the time of applying. Applications need to be prepared in consultation with advisors. Advisers of the applicant should co-sign the applications.

Applications are due in the office of the director by 5 p.m. Nov. 17. The proposals will be reviewed by a panel of faculty and state water resources research professionals. Announcement of awards will be made by early January.

Consult the ND WRRI website,, for information on the program and guidelines for preparation of applications. Applicants and advisers who are new to the program are urged to contact ND WRRI Director, G. Padmanabhan, ND WRRI director, at (701) 231-7043, or

Send applications to Dr. G. Padmanabhan, Director, N.D. Water Resources Research Institute, North Dakota State University, CIE 201E, Department of Civil Engineering, P.O. Box 5285, Fargo, ND 58105.
-- Steve Bergeson, Senior Writer, NDSU University Relations,, 701 231-6101

University Senate lists agenda

The University Senate will meet Thursday, Nov. 2, at 4:05 p.m. in Room 7, Gamble Hall.

1) Announcements
2) Minutes of the previous meeting and business arising from the minutes
3) Question period

4) Annual report of the Senate Student Policy Committee, Kim Kenville, chair

5) Curriculum committee report, David Relling, chair
6) Proposed maternity policy, Maternity Task Force
-- Lori Hofland, Administrative Assistant, Registrars Office,, 777-3892

Studio One features anger management classes, airplane investigation course

Learn how anger management classes can improve lives on the next edition of Studio One. Many people suffering from frequent bouts of aggression have found calming solutions at these classes. Anger management group leader Kim Gregg will share quick tips on the next episode of Studio One.

Also on the show this week, studying an airplane crash site can be an effective way to prevent future accidents. Learn how one university works with the Air Line Pilots Association to turn a plane wreckage into an interactive classroom.

Studio One is an award-winning news and information program produced at the University of North Dakota Television Center. The program airs live on UND Channel 3 on Thursdays at 5 p.m. Re-broadcasts can be seen at 7 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. daily and on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Prairie Public Television airs Studio One on Saturday at 6 a.m. The program can also be seen by viewers in Fargo, Bismarck/Mandan and Minot, N.D.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Denver, Colo.; and Winnipeg, Manitoba.

-- Meghan Flaagan, Director of Marketing, Studio One,, 701-777-3818

Please coordinate events with parking office

Parking permits are required for all vehicles parked on campus from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Departments sponsoring events on campus need to coordinate such events with the parking office, which will help identify appropriate parking areas and facilitate placement of signage to direct attendees to the event parking area.

In cases where the sale of a parking permit (A, S, G, H, PM) is not appropriate, parking staff will issue temporary permits, visitor permits, or designate an area for visitors/event attendees to park.

The parking office can be contacted by calling 777-3551. Departmental event schedules can also be faxed to 777-4748, so that appropriate parking arrangements can be made.
Parking Office, 777-3551.

Museum Cafe celebrates cuisine from India, Italy

October 26 – Entrée: Gyros or Vegetable Biryani, Soup: India Lamb
October 27 – Entrée: Sambas Chicken or Spiced Vegetables & Rice, Soup: Vegetable Curry
October 30– Entrée: Garlic Shrimp & Lemon Pasta or Chicken Marsala, Soup: Fresh Tomato
October 31– Entrée: Squid with Herbed Stuffing or Eggplant Parmesan, Soup: Minestrone

The Museum Café and Coffee Shop, located in the lower level of the Museum, serves a full luncheon menu from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Coffee is available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Take-out available, UND billing accepted, conference room available for luncheons. We also cater weekend and evening events, 777-4195. Visit the Museum Cafe online at

-- Connie Hulst, Office Manager, North Dakota Museum of Art,, 777-4195

Internal job openings listed

The following position vacancies are available only to regular UND staff employees who have successfully completed their six-month probation period, earn annual and sick leave, receive BC/BS health insurance and TIAA-CREF or ND PERS retirement benefits. Current UND faculty, please contact Human Resources for eligibility.

TO APPLY: Please complete UND Application/Control Cardform. Send letter of application and resume, referencing position name and number, to: Human Resources, University of North Dakota, Twamley Hall, Room 313, 264 Centennial Drive Stop 8010, Grand Forks, ND 58202-8010. Applications MUST be received by the deadline date.


POSITION: Technology Support Specialist #07-126
DEADLINE: (I) 10/31/2006
SALARY: $38,000 - $41,000

POSITION: U2 Coordinator, Continuing Education, #07-125
DEADLINE: (I) 10/30/2006
SALARY: $30,000 - $35,000

POSITION: Associate Vice President for Outreach Services & Dean of Outreach Programs, #07-091
DEADLINE: Internal applicants will be considered with the external. Open Until Filled (Review of applications will begin November 15, 2006.)
SALARY: Commensurate with experience


POSITION: Aircraft Detailer (variable schedule) Center for Aerospace Sciences, #07-124
DEADLINE: (I) 10/27/2006
SALARY: $19,537 - $26,000


POSITION: Research Office Secretary (part time, benefitted), College of Nursing, #07-127
DEADLINE: (I) 10/31/2006
SALARY: $10.38 - $10.50

CRAFTS/TRADES/SERVICE: No current openings.

Roesler named chief flight instructor

Jeremy Roesler has been named the Chief Flight Instructor of fixed wing aircraft at the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. He earned a BBA degree in aviation administration and an MBA from UND. Since 1999 he has been a course manager at the Odegard School.