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ISSUE: Volume 45, Number 39: May 21, 2008

Top Stories
President, provost issue statement
Events to Note
Memorial March is June 6; faculty, staff help sought
U2 lists workshops
Staff Senate cookbooks still available
Plan ahead for Fulbright opportunities
Deadlines listed for SSAC grants
Essential Studies Web site, course list now available
University Letter deadline is 1 p.m. Tuesdays
Senate Scholarly Activities Committee announces travel awards
UND Pride Card FAQ correction
UND Pride Card; frequently asked questions
Note parking lot summer regulations
Parking ramp unavailable until construction is complete
Road work takes place near 314 Cambridge St.
Memorial Day is holiday
Chester Fritz Library lists Memorial Day weekend hours
Law Library closed for Memorial Day weekend
Memorial Union lists summer hours
Barnes & Noble at UND lists summer hours
ITSS lists holiday hours
Note telephone upgrade June 7
UND Web site will be updated
Commencement is now online
UND names Wellness Award winners
Fund will benefit victims of earthquake in China
Meritorious Service, UND Proud Award winners named
Museum Cafe lists soups, specials
Summer yoga classes offered at Lotus Meditation Center
Internal job openings listed
In the News
Gary Moore receives award
School of Medicine announces regional Brain Bee winners
In Remembrance
Remembering Donald Barcome
Remembering Gordon Parr
President, provost issue statement

On May 19, staff at the University of North Dakota School of Law discovered an 8-by-10-inch figure of a swastika on the outside of a window near one of the Law School entrances. The figure was not highly visible because of a piece of paper on the inside of the window and because the image appeared to be drawn in a clear substance. After University Police documented the figure, it was removed. It is unknown who drew the image, or how long it was there before being discovered. University Police are investigating the matter.

The swastika has come to be a symbol of hate, conveying a message of intimidation, violence and intolerance. We are saddened, disappointed and disgusted that swastikas have appeared on our campus. These acts are NOT tolerated at UND. There is no place at the University of North Dakota -- or anywhere else, for that matter -- for harassing, demeaning or culturally insensitive acts. We will continue to investigate these activities and when perpetrators are identified, we will seek prosecution through our Code of Student life and, where warranted, through the court systems.

We will continue to do all that we can to sustain a welcoming and safe learning and working environment for everyone at the University of North Dakota.

-- President Charles Kupchella and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Greg Weisenstein.

Memorial March is June 6; faculty, staff help sought

On June 6, at 9:38 a.m., the first 1-188th ADA Memorial March will be hosted in Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks, to remember the service members of the state who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan. This march also aims to provide healing and closure for the soldiers who lost comrades while deployed.

This Memorial March will have three options for individuals to participate: two, six, and 12 miles. We are seeking your help at locations throughout the city that encompass the 12-mile march. We need two to three volunteers for approximately two to three hours per location to check the numbers of the walkers as they go by and offer refreshments, water, and support. We have 12 locations.

Pre-registration for this free Memorial March is requested. Go to Soldiers' Angels, , and look for the N.D. crest. There will also be registration and check-in process at the start locations from 8 to 9:20 a.m., with a short program from 9:20 to 9:38 a.m. when the step off will be made by family members of the fallen North Dakota heroes.

There will be a limited edition 1-188th ADA Memorial March T-shirt available for purchase to the first 300 people to register for the Memorial March. This T-shirt will cost $5; you may pay for these shirts at the march check-in, or you may write a check to Soldiers' Angels for $5 and send to Shelle Michaels/Soldiers' Angels, 2901 University Ave., #7026, Grand Forks, ND 58202.

This Memorial March is open to all National Guard members, all service members and civilians.

For more information contact the Grand Forks location coordinator, Shelle Michaels, at .

U2 lists workshops

The University within the University (U2) lists the following workshops:

Running, Reading, and Reconciling Key Financial Reports in PeopleSoft
May 22, 2 to 4 p.m., or May 29, 9 to 11 a.m., Gamble Hall Lanterman Center, Room 9
This training provides the tools necessary to navigate through PeopleSoft in order to run, read, and understand PeopleSoft financial reports. Important tips will be provided to help you recognize why, when, and how to reconcile revenue and expense transactions posted to your funds. Troubleshooting tips and tools to help you resolve budgeting errors will also be provided. This session includes hands-on practice activities. Prerequisites: must have previously attended either a “Budgets Overview Inquiry” or “Budget vs. Cash Inquiry” U2 session and must have a PeopleSoft user ID and password for Finance Module. Presenter: Tom Swangler.

Family Medical Leave Act
May 28, 9 to 10 a.m., 305 Twamley Hall
Who is covered and how do you apply? Presenters: Desi Sporbert and Joy Johnson.

Non-Employee/Student Travel, Payments to Non-Resident Aliens and Moving Expenses
May 28, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Reed Keller Auditorium, School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Review of travel procedures to follow for non-employees, students and nonresident aliens and review of moving expense procedures. Presenter: Allison Peyton.

Laboratory Safety
June 4, 10 a.m. to noon, Room 5520, School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Learn general lab-safety principles for the use of chemicals in laboratories. The workshop covers potential health hazards in the laboratory, protective measures, and response to incidents and emergencies. This training is required for all University employees working in a laboratory. Presenter: Eric Pearson.

Defensive Driving
June 5, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., 211 Skalicky Tech Incubator
This workshop is required by state fleet for all UND employees who drive state vehicles on a regular (monthly) basis, received a traffic violation, or had an accident while operating a state vehicle. Employees are encouraged to bring a family member (spouse and/or dependents). This workshop may also reduce your North Dakota insurance premiums and could possibly remove points from your driving record. Presenter: Tim Lee.

Please reserve your seat by registering with U2 online at OR email at or you can call us at 777-2128. Please include: (1) workshop title/date, (2) name, (3) department, (4) position, (5) stop number, (6) phone number, (7) e-mail, and (8) how you first learned about this workshop. Thank you for registering in advance; it helps us plan for materials and number of seats.
-- Kathy Williams, U2 Coordinator, Division of Continuing Education/U2 Program,, 777-4266

Staff Senate cookbooks still available

You still have time to purchase a copy of the UND Staff Senate 125th Anniversary Cookbook!

It's a great idea for Father's Day or any gift-giving event. Do you know UND alumni or former staff and faculty who would love to have one? How about yourself?

The cookbooks are composed of a hardback, three-ring binder (7"x 9") with over 700 recipes from faculty, staff, students, and alumni and are available for $15. For more information please visit the Staff Senate Web page:
-- Becky Cournia, Alumni & Development Officer, Nursing,, 777-4526

Plan ahead for Fulbright opportunities

If you are considering a developmental leave for 2009-2010 or 2010-2011, you may want to investigate opportunities that a Fulbright award could provide. Receiving a Fulbright award is a multi-stage process that is initiated by the faculty member well in advance of a projected leave. Please check out this Web site for more information: <>.
-- Joan Hawthorne, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs,, 7-4684

Essential Studies Web site, course list now available

In May 2007 the University Senate approved a recommendation to revise the University's General Education program. In the year since that time, people from across campus have been working on the details necessary to implement this change. The Essential Studies program, as the revised version of the General Education program will now be called, retains some features of General Education, but also incorporates a number of significant changes.

To provide information to people interested in the features of Essential Studies, two Web site links are now available through the A-Z index on the main UND Web page. These links can be found by locating "Essential Studies" and "Essential Studies Committee" within the "E" section of the A-Z index.
-- Ryan Zerr, Chair, Senate Essential Studies Committee, Mathematics,, 777-4605

Deadlines listed for SSAC grants

The deadline dates for grant applications to the Senate Scholarly Activities Committee (SSAC) for the 2008-2009 academic year are listed below. Please note that the deadlines for travel applications are different than those for research and creative activity, publication, and new faculty scholar awards.

* Monday, Sept. 15, 2008, for travel Sept. 16, 2008, to Jan. 15, 2009
* Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008, for research/creative activity or publication grants
* Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009, for travel Jan. 16, 2009, to May 1, 2009
* Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009, for research/creative activity or publication grants and new faculty scholar awards
* Friday, May 1, 2009, for travel May 2, 2009, to Sept. 15, 2009

Application forms are available at Research Development and Compliance, 105 Twamley Hall, 777-4278, or on RD&C's home page (on UND's home page under "Research"). The forms are revised frequently; therefore, please obtain an up-to-date form from RD&C or the Web site. Over the summer, please feel free to contact RD&C (777-4278) for information or guidance when preparing your application.
-- Patrick A. Carr, Ph.D., Chair, Senate Scholarly Activities Committee, Anatomy and Cell Biology,, 701/777-4278

University Letter deadline is 1 p.m. Tuesdays

Beginning June 1, the deadline for University will be 1 p.m. Tuesdays. -- University Relations.

Senate Scholarly Activities Committee announces travel awards

The Senate Scholarly Activities Committee received 23 travel grant applications, requesting a total of $37,154.73 in response to the May call for proposals. The following awards were made at the committee meeting May 8:

Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign travel awards:
* Carenlee Barkdull (social work), $1,300
* Dennis Caine (physical education, exercise science and wellness), $2,285
* Evguenii Kozliak (chemistry), $1,466
* Ronald Marsh (computer science), $1,684
* Donna Martin (practice and role development), $1,884
* Donna Pearson (teaching and learning), $1,300
* Donald Poochigian (philosophy and religion), $1,478.19
* Paul Sum (political science and public administration), $1,439.88
* Anne Walker (teaching and learning), $1,300
* Jeffrey Weatherly (psychology), $1,048.30
* Marcellin Zahui (mechanical engineering), $1,613.38

Domestic and Canadian travel awards:
* Julie Abrahamson (chemistry), $474
* Sandra Braathen (information systems and business education), $514.50
* Timothy Driscoll (sociology), $604
* Saleh Faruque (electrical engineering), $472
* Brad Gibbens (Center for Rural Health), $797.98
* Wen-Chen Hu (computer science), $588
* Lana Rakow (communication), $668.75
* Hassan Reza (computer science), $432
* Glenda Rotvold (information systems and business education), $514.50 * Hossein Salehfar (electrical engineering), $503
* Paul Todhunter (geography), $652
-- Patrick A. Carr, Ph.D., Chair, Senate Scholarly Activities Committee, Anatomy and Cell Biology,, 701/77-4278

UND Pride Card FAQ correction

All students were recently sent a copy of the UND Pride Card FAQs to their U-Mail account. Shortly after the FAQ document was distributed, an error was discovered. The incorrect information that was stated indicated: "Higher One does not charge students a fee to use non-Higher One ATMs." The correct answer should have indicated that Higher One does charge a $2 fee for non-Higher One ATM usage.

We strongly recommend that if you choose the OneAccount, that you only use your UND Pride Card for withdrawals at one of our three ATM locations on campus (Wilkerson Hall, Memorial Union, and the southwest tower of the UND parking ramp).

Student Account Services will send out a follow-up e-mail noting the correction. In addition to correcting the error, there are additional questions/responses in the FAQs as a result of questions raised by students.

Again, we apologize for the incorrect information. -- Student Account Services.

UND Pride Card; frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the UND Pride Card?
The UND Pride Card will be used as a means to distribute excess financial aid and other refunds to students. The student must choose their preference for receiving their refunds:
* Easy refund to the OneAccount. This preference credits the student’s OneAccount with Higher One on the same day the refunds are processed by UND. This is the fastest way to receive your refund. The OneAccount also offers many features for the student. Please visit to learn more about the OneAccount.
* Direct deposit (ACH transfer) into the student’s existing bank account. This preference takes approximately two to three banking days to credit to the student’s bank account.

Is the UND Pride Card a credit card?
No, the UND Pride Card may be used as a debit card if the student chooses the OneAccount as their refund preference. It is NOT a credit card. The UND Pride Card is required to obtain excess financial aid and other refunds from UND. During activation, the student must identify their preference for receiving their refunds.

If I choose the OneAccount with Higher One and want to use it at ATM’s or other establishments that accept MasterCard®, will there be any hidden fees?
No. If you use the UND Pride Card at one of the three Higher One ATM’s located on UND’s Campus (Wilkerson Hall, Memorial Union, Southwest Tower of Parking Garage), there will be no ATM fees assessed. If the UND Pride Card is used at other non-Higher One ATM’s, ATM fees will be assessed by that ATM vendor, and Higher One.

If your preference is to open a OneAccount, you may use your UND Pride Card as a MasterCard Debit card. To avoid a PIN-based transaction fee and to have the protection of the MasterCard Zero Liability Policy when making purchases, always remember to “Swipe and Sign.” To do so:
Swipe your card
Select credit

Can I use my UND Pride Card to pay online via Campus Connection?
Yes. If you choose the OneAccount as your refund preference, you may make an online payment to your Campus Connection account using the OneAccount. We recommend using the E-Check method of payment using your OneAccount banking information. To obtain the banking information for your OneAccount:
Contact Higher One customer service at 1-800-815-8274 to request your OneAccount routing and account number. You may also request your free online bank statement from Higher One, which includes this information.

After obtaining your OneAccount routing and account numbers, log into Campus Connection and pay online for free using the E-check method of payment.

Your UND Pride Card can also be used as a MasterCard Debit card. If you make an online payment to your Campus Connection account using your debit card, you will be assessed the 2.75 percent convenience fee. We recommend that you use the E-check method of payment, mentioned above, to avoid these fees.

Will activating the UND Pride Card affect my credit report?
No, the UND Pride Card is NOT a credit card. Credit report inquiries are not initiated when the student activates the UND Pride Card or when the student indicates a preference for receiving their refunds. The student’s credit report will only be affected if, after opening a OneAccount, the student misuses their OneAccount.

Are there fees associated with the UND Pride Card?
No. When activating the UND Pride Card, if you choose to open a OneAccount with Higher One, there are no fees associated with conventional use with the account. Students are not required to maintain a minimum balance and there are no fees when the UND Pride Card is used at Higher One ATM’s. Any fees associated with the OneAccount are indicated on Higher One’s fee schedule, located at If you choose to have your refunds direct deposited (ACH transfer) to your existing bank account, there are also no fees associated with your UND Pride Card.

Can I opt out of receiving my refunds via UND Pride Card?
No. UND has contracted with Higher One to issue excess financial aid and other refunds to UND students. Although you are not required to open a OneAccount with Higher One, you will need to use your UND Pride Card for receiving your refunds. Either through:
* Deposit to the OneAccount from Higher One.
* Direct deposit (ACH transfer) to your existing bank account.

Am I required to bank with Higher One and open a Higher One bank account?
No, you may continue to have your excess financial aid and other refunds direct deposited (ACH transfer) to your existing bank account. However, in order for you to do so, you will need to activate the UND Pride Card and indicate your refund preference.

Am I required to use the UND Pride Card as a MasterCard Debit card?
No. You may continue to have your excess financial aid and other refunds direct deposited (ACH transfer) to your existing bank account. However, you will need to activate the UND Pride Card and indicate your preference to do so.

Who is Higher One?
Higher One is a financial services company dedicated to serving higher education institutions and their students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Higher One believes in creating customized products to meet the needs of these customers. The company’s goal is to make customers’ lives easier with added convenience and cost savings. Higher One is led by a group of executives who have many years of experience in banking, higher education, and technology. Learn more about Higher One ( ).

Is the University of North Dakota in compliance with FERPA Laws while transferring information to Higher One?
Yes, Higher One must adhere to the same FERPA laws as UND.

How will I know when my financial aid or other refund has been directly deposited to my OneAccount?
You will receive an e-mail when the refund has been directly deposited to your OneAccount. Additionally, you will be able to view the details of your OneAccount by accessing your OneAccount statement on the Web site, or opt-in to receive a text message directly to your cell phone with mobile alerts ( ).

What are the advantages of having my refunds deposited directly to my OneAccount?
Depositing your refund to your OneAccount is the quickest way to gain access to your money. To have your refund directly deposited, activate and choose Easy Refund to open your OneAccount. After your UND charges have been paid, remaining funds (financial aid or other credits) will be released by the University and directly deposited to your OneAccount.

The UND Pride Card is NOT A CREDIT CARD. It is a debit card. You can use the UND Pride Card to make purchases at all participating merchants that accept MasterCard including the bookstore on campus, access cash at an ATM, pay bills, and so much more. Your family and friends can easily send you money online with the Send Money feature.
There is no charge to you for receiving your refund directly in your OneAccount and there is no monthly fee or minimum balance requirements.

What if I have additional questions?
View an activation demo and get answers to other questions online by visiting, or contact the UND Student Account Services Office at 701-777-3911 or via e-mail at

Note parking lot summer regulations

The visitor pay lot at the corner of Centennial Drive and Campus Road will be staffed with an attendant from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the summer. Free parking is allowed during the hours of 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and after 4 p.m. as long as a valid UND permit is displayed.

Parking Lots - Those with any valid UND permit is allowed to park in all UND parking lots until Friday, Aug. 22, except the Upson, Twamley, Wilkerson, and Airport lots. These lots still require a red “A” permit to park between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. After 4:30 p.m. those with any valid UND permit can park in any lot.

All meters, timed zones, reserved parking spaces, and no parking zones will be enforced. Motorcycles must have permits and park in areas designated as “motorcycle parking” in the lots, in regular vehicle spaces, or in the hash marks at the ends of the rows only in the lots your permit is valid to park in. No motorcycles can be parked on sidewalks, grassed areas, or in bike racks.

Any questions, please call the Parking Office at 777-3551 during the office hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Have a great summer!

Parking ramp unavailable until construction is complete

The parking ramp will be unavailable during the construction project on Second Ave. North, which began May 12. Second Ave. North will be closed from Columbia Road to Cornell Street (between the parking ramp and the north side of Hyslop Sports Center). The project is expected to be completed in three weeks, weather permitting.

In the meantime, all ramp pass holders are asked to park in an "A" lot near your office and continue to display your "R" permit. For events scheduled in the Memorial Union and where parking was planned for the ramp, please ask guests to park in the lot east of Columbia Road. By using the east tower, guests may utilize the skyway on Level Three to cross the street, then they will need to exit the ramp in the southwest tower on Level One because the tunnel to the Union will be closed May 12-16 for cleaning and seal coating. Additional accessible parking stalls have been added to the north Union Loop for those with handicapped permits. Please call the Parking Office at 777-3551 if you have additional questions. -- Parking Office.

Road work takes place near 314 Cambridge St.

The City of Grand Forks is planning to repair the intersection of Cambridge Street and alley by 314 Cambridge Street later this week. The alley and one lane of the street will be closed for approximately a week.

Memorial Day is holiday

In accordance with State Board of Higher Education directives, Monday, May 26, will be observed as Memorial Day by faculty and staff members of the University. Only those employees designated by their department heads will be required to work on this holiday. -- Greg Weisenstein, vice president for academic affairs and provost, and Diane Nelson, director, human resources.

Chester Fritz Library lists Memorial Day weekend hours

The Chester Fritz Library will observe the following hours for the Memorial Day weekend: Friday, May 23, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, May 24, closed; Sunday, May 25, closed; Monday, May 26, 5 to 9 p.m. (Memorial Day).
-- Karen Cloud, Administrative Assistant, Chester Fritz Library,, 7-2618

Law Library closed for Memorial Day weekend

The Law Library will be closed over the Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26.
-- Jane Oakland, Circulation Manager, Law Library,, 7-3482

Memorial Union lists summer hours

The Memorial Union lists the following summer hours:

Building hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; the building is closed weekends.

Business services areas:
* Info Center and Union Services: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed weekends
* Sign & Design Studio: Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., closed weekends

Check the Memorial Union Web site for more details or contact Marsha Nelson, assistant director of facility operations at 777-2953. Individual services may vary, check each area for summer hours.
-- Rebecca Slade, Marketing Coordinator, Memorial Union,, 7-3938

Barnes & Noble at UND lists summer hours

Barnes & Noble at UND lists their summer hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; closed Sundays until Aug. 3.
-- Michelle Abernathey, General Manager, Barnes & Noble at UND,, 777-2103

ITSS lists holiday hours

Information Technology Systems and Services will close for the Memorial Day holiday at midnight Sunday, May 25, and will reopen at 5 a.m. Tuesday, May 27.

Note telephone upgrade June 7

Telecommunications/ITSS will perform a planned upgrade to the UND telephone switch on Saturday, June 7. Beginning at 1 p.m., service to all UND 777 telephone numbers will be interrupted. The service interruption is expected to be less then one hour; telephone service should be restored by 2 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For questions contact Telecommunications at 777-4111. Thank you.

UND Web site will be updated

We are in the process of updating the UND Web site. In response to requests, we've also updated the Web standards and made them easier to follow. If you'd like to see the prototype, it's available at . If you'd like to get started on updating your Web site, templates will be available for download by June 1. Video and print tutorials will be available to assist you in the process.

Finally, we are "cleaning" the Web site to delete old and unused files, which are still searchable by google. If you'd like some older files deleted, please e-mail and we can have them deleted for you.
-- Jan Orvik, Writer/Editor, University Relations,, 777-3621

Commencement is now online

The UND general spring commencement proceedings are now online at . The program is divided into three parts:
-- Procession, presentation of Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors, and conferring of honorary degrees
-- Commencement address by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, former North Dakota governor and UND alumnus Edward Schafer
-- Conferment of degrees, beginning with doctoral degrees, followed by master's and bachelor's degrees.

UND names Wellness Award winners

Laurie Betting, assistant vice president for wellness and director of the University’s Wellness Center, and Melissa Olson, director of the North Dakota Department of Health Healthy North Dakota Collaborative, were the winner of this year’s Kupchella Wellness Award.

The Charles E. Kupchella Preventive Medicine and Wellness Award was established to recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations who have worked to improve health and wellness through lowered rates of disease and disability by developing and delivering effective health promotion and prevention initiatives. It honors people and organizations in North Dakota and surrounding states who have contributed significantly to disease prevention and healthful living.

In his nominating letter about Betting, Bob Boyd, vice president for student and outreach services, said when she was hired to lead a wellness unit formed by UND President Kupchella, Betting “had few people and fewer resources, very limited facilities, but we now have one of the best programs and facilities in the nation. She is an outstanding leader, with a passion to help others meet their wellness objectives—including all dimensions of wellness.” “She almost single-handedly is responsible for the fact that we have been accredited by the CEO Roundtable Gold Standard for healthcare and wellness programming on our campus,” said UND President Kupchella. “Laurie is a powerful force in improving wellness on our campus and in North Dakota.”

State Health Officer Terry Dwelle, M.D., said in his letter nominating Olson for the award that she helped to initiate the Healthy North Dakota Collaborative, which, among other accomplishments, was a major factor in the passing of the state’s smoke-free workplace legislation. Duane Houdek, a former Healthy North Dakota advisory member and health policy advisor to N.D. Governor John Hoeven, said Olson “has worked tirelessly and effectively to transform [the governor’s public health plan] into an active coalition of hundreds of North Dakotans, working together on all aspects of public health.”

The Kupchella Wellness Award was made possible by a gift to the UND Foundation from Manuchair (Mike) Ebadi, former associate vice president for health affairs and medical research at UND and associate dean for research and program development at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He established the award to honor President Kupchella for his commitment to and accomplishments in advancing healthy lifestyles among people living in this region.

Fund will benefit victims of earthquake in China

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred May 12 in Wen Chuan, China. Approximately 34,000 people died and as many as 245,000 were injured. Millions have been left homeless. The University of North Dakota Chinese Students Association is organizing a fundraiser for the survivors. All donations will be transferred to China by the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy. If you would like to make a donation, you may choose the following ways:

1. Direct deposit or transfer to the University Federal Credit Union to the Chinese Students Association, account number 124350, routing number 291378648. University Federal Credit Union address is Memorial Union Room 138, 2901 University Ave. Stop 8222. Phone 701-777 2274.

2. We will also set up a table for in-person donations on the first floor of the Memorial Union through Thursday, May 22, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Please specify the donation is for the earthquake in China, and if possible, please leave your e-mail address so we can send a notification that we have received your donation. Thank you for your support and kindness! -- Yangtao (Tony) Wang, president of Chinese Students Association, , and Zheng-Wen "Zane" Zeng, assistant professor, geology and geological engineering.

Meritorious Service, UND Proud Award winners named

Ten staff members were given Meritorious Service Awards and one staff member received the Ken and Toby Baker UND Proud Award at the annual recognition ceremony for staff personnel May 13. The Meritorious Service Award recognizes staff for excellence and dedication. They received certificates and checks. Awardees were:

* Jacqueline Bergsnev, administrative assistant, associate vice president for finance and operations office
* Dawn Botsford, special events coordinator, vice president for student and outreach services office
* Gregory Boushee, lead maintenance specialist, facilities
* Karen Burgard, instructional technology/human resources assistant, human resources
* Pamela Burkes, administrative secretary, College of Business and Public Administration
* Jay Evenstad, research specialist, mechanical engineering
* Connie Gagelin, administrative officer, vice president for academic affairs and provost office
* Sandra Krom, FAS office manager, pediatrics
* Gwendlyn Molsbarger, building services technician, facilities
* S. Gaynelle Rydland, building services technician, facilities

The Ken and Toby Baker UND Proud Award is presented to a staff employee who, through service and dedication to the University, to fellow workers, and to the community, exemplifies the qualities of commitment, loyalty, and pride in the University. The award includes $1,000, a plaque, and a traveling plaque for the department. The award was given to Betty Ralston, associate athletic director.

Museum Cafe lists soups, specials

May 21–23
Soups for the week: Cream of Asparagus / Clam Chowder
Wednesday: Lentil Salad
Thursday: Museum Club
Friday: Salmon Caesar Salad

The Museum Café is open weekdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with lunch served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
-- Brian Lofthus, Assistant to the Director, North Dakota Museum of Art,, 777-4195

Summer yoga classes offered at Lotus Meditation Center

Summer yoga classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m. Classes are ongoing throughout the summer and students may pro-rate the fee for the number of times they can attend. Fees are $65 for eight weeks or $10 per single class. Contact Dyan Rey at 772-8840 or for information and to register.
-- Dyan Rey, Instructor, Visual Arts,, 772-8840

Internal job openings listed

The following position vacancies are available only to regular UND staff employees who have successfully completed their six-month probation period, earn annual and sick leave, receive BC/BS health insurance and TIAA-CREF or ND PERS retirement benefits. Current UND faculty, please contact Human Resources for eligibility.

TO APPLY: Please complete UND Application/Control Card form. Send letter of application and resume, referencing position name and number, to: Human Resources, University of North Dakota, Twamley Hall, Room 313, 264 Centennial Drive Stop 8010, Grand Forks, ND 58202-8010. Applications MUST be received by the deadline date.


POSITION: Assistant Director of Enrollment Services-Undergraduate Student Recruitment, Enrollment Services, #08-338
COMPENSATION: $40,000 plus/year

POSITION: Enrollment Services Representative, Enrollment Services, #08-337
COMPENSATION: $28,500 plus/year

POSITION: Studio One News Director, UND Television Center, #08-336
COMPENSATION: $35,000 plus/year

POSITION: Clinical Nurse, Research Affairs-SOMHS, #08-332
COMPENSATION: $38,000 plus/year

POSITION: Chief Helicopter Instructor, Aerospace. #08-330
COMPENSATION: $65,000 plus/year

POSITION: Research Scientist/Engineer, #08-286



POSITION: Administrative Secretary, Center for Innovation, #08-334
COMPENSATION: $23,000 plus/year

POSITION: Administrative Secretary, Office of Admission, #08-329
COMPENSATION: $22,500 plus/year


POSITION: Lead Cook (variable schedule, flexible weekends), Dining Services #08-335
COMPENSATION: $10.22 plus/hr

Gary Moore receives award

UND Veterans Upward Bound announce an alumnus has been awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award at the NDSU TRIO Day in Fargo. This award was given to Gary Moore,a retired first sergeant with 27 years experience in the U.S. Air Force. Moore participated in Veterans Upward Bound before beginning classes at UND. His interest is continuing to help peple as he did in his position with the Air Force. He is graduating this May with a social work degree and has been accepted into the social work master's program at UND. The staff and students at UND Veterans Upward Bound would like to congratulate Gary on his successful transition into the civilian world and his academic accomplishment.
-- Colleen Reuter, Assistant Director, Veterans Upward Bound,, 701-777-6465

School of Medicine announces regional Brain Bee winners

Two Grand Forks Central High School students and one Central Valley School, Buxton, N.D., student have been declared winners of the third annual Greater Grand Forks Regional Brain Bee, held earlier this year at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

This year’s winners are:
First place: Pei Zhou, Grand Forks Central High School
Science Club advisor: Jim Whalen

Second place: Michael Holman, Grand Forks Central High School
Science Club advisor:Jim Whalen

Third place: Amy Thoreson, Central Valley High School, Buxton, N.D.
Science teacher/coach: Rick Sondrol

The top three winners each receive a $30 Barnes & Noble UND Bookstore gift certificate and a plaque and the following prizes: first, $125; second, $100; and third, $75. The advisors/coaches of the top three winners receive $100 to be used in the classroom.

The Brain Bee is an annual high school neuroscience competition (oral question and answer format), covering topics such as brain anatomy, development, function, disorders and treatments, and research advances. Organizers and judges are faculty members from the departments of biology and pharmacology, physiology and therapeutics.

-- Karen Cisek, RRV-SFN science outreach coordinator, pharmacology, physiology and therapeutics.

Remembering Donald Barcome

Donald Francis Barcome, retired medical director of the former UND Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital, died May 18 at home. He was 80.

Barcome, the son of Earl and Eleanor (Neumann) Barcome, was born March 13, 1928, in Oconto Falls, Wis. He attended school in Green Bay, Wis., and St. John's Prep in Collegeville, Minn. He graduated with honors from St. Norbert's College in DePeere, Wis. in 1949 and received his doctorate in medicine from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wis., in 1954.

Following his internship at St. John's Hospital in Marshfield, Wis., he enlisted in the U.S. Navy where he was stationed in San Diego, Calif., as a medical officer at Balboa Navy Hospital. While on shore leave, he met a Navy physical therapist named Shirley Shepard. They married April 26, 1957 and together began a general practice in Gillett, Wis., near his family lake home at Star Lake.

Noting that over 70 percent of the patients he was seeing had chronic diseases with problems secondary to long term illness, he and his wife made the decision to continue his education in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Upon receiving his certification in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Barcome's search for a medical practice brought him to North Dakota, where he took a position as medical director of the UND Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Forks.

Barcome initiated plans for a new rehab facility and after years of planning, the new Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital opened in 1974, becoming one of the finest and most-highly acclaimed rehab institutions in the United States. For the next 33 years, he made his patients and the Rehab Hospital his mission in life.

Following the death of his wife in 2000, Dr. Barcome returned to the practice of medicine, joining Dr. Brian Briggs at Valley Bone & Joint Clinic, seeing patients until January 2008.

He enjoyed hunting, walking the shelter belts and watching the dogs run. Another passion was curling. He played with passion and coached with equal passion as he helped lead his sons to three United States National Junior titles, as well as Bronze and Gold medals in the World Junior Championships. He also enjoyed the successes of his grandchildren. Through all of the passions of his life, his constant companion, his wife Shirley, was beside him.

His involvements and memberships included: The Third District Medical Society; professor and chair of physical medicine and rehabilitation; medical director of the Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital from 1965 to 1998; Board of Governor's American Hospital Association Section on Rehabilitation; served on the board of directors for the Grand Forks Curling Club, Grand Forks Country Club, North Dakota State Curling Association, United States Curling Association, and the World Curling Federation.

He served as president of the Grand Forks Curling Club, United States Curling Association, United States Curling Foundation, World Curling Federation, North Dakota State Medical Association; vice president of the North Dakota State Medical Association; and member of many other organizations.

Dr. Barcome received the Greater Grand Forks Sertoma Service to Mankind Award in 1982; the Evergreen Award in 1981; the North Dakota Physician of the Year Award in 1975; was a member of the United States Curling Association Hall of Fame; and he was the honorary president at the World Men's Curling Championships in 2008.

He is survived by his children: Don Jr. (Lori) of Grand Forks; Shirley Jo (James Pagel) of Galesville, Wis., and Earl (Brenda) of Colorado Springs, Colo; three grandchildren; one brother, three sisters, sister-in-law; as well as many nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his wife Shirley, his parents, one brother, and two brothers-in-law.

A memorial mass will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 22, in St. Michael's Catholic Church, Grand Forks. A family greeting will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 21, with a 7:30 p.m. prayer service in the gregory J. Norman Funeral Chapel, 2950 S. Washington St., Grand Forks. Military honors will be given by members of the American Legion Post 157 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3817, East Grand Forks, Minn. The online memorial registry may be signed at .

Remembering Gordon Parr

Gordon A. Parr, former UND Barber Shop employee, died May 11, at Altru Hospital. He was 67.

Gordy Parr, the son of Harry and Mildred (McGlynn) Parr, was born May 30, 1940 in Oslo, Minn. He graduated from Oslo High School in 1958, and married Bonnie Quern in Oslo on June 23, 1961. He served in the National Guard with the 231st Medical Unit. Parr attended the Moler Barber College in Fargo, N.D. He farmed in the Oslo, Minn., area and was also a barber at UND for many years. He owned and operated Gordy's Carpet in Grand Forks.

He is survived by his wife, Bonnie, of East Grand Forks, three daughters, Karla Parr of Grand Forks, Dawn (Jeff) Parr-Bowen of East Grand Forks, and Heather (Joe) McCartan of Eden Prairie, Minn., four grandchildren, and siblings, Beverly (Jim) Townsend of Huntington Beach, Calif., Keitha Purnell of Aurora, Colo., Gail Grassel of Grand Forks, Harry (Pat) Parr of Clifton, Va., Paulette Reiten of Detroit Lakes, Minn., and Kaye (James) Vanyo of Grand Forks, plus many nieces and nephews.

Parr was preceded in death by his parents.