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May 16, 1997

Volume 34 No. 35

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Summer Schedule Listed for U Letter
Flood Recovery Briefings Set
Temporary Housing Available
Children's Center Offers Child Care
List Flood Damaged Equipment, Furnishings, Supplies
Health Science Library Moved Temporarily
School Of Medicine Employees Should Return May 19
Flood Pay Policy Announced
Flood's Impact On Grants Will Be Addressed
Showers Available At Hyslop
Grade Processing Detailed
Grade Processing Will Be Discussed
Students May Charge Books
UND Flood Recovery Fund Established
Help Sought For Flood Recovery Phonathon
Flood Relief Funds Listed
Events Related To Flood Will Be Chronicled
Alumni Days Activities Cancelled
Reception Will Honor Patricia Kelley
Staff Recognition Luncheon Rescheduled
Merrifield Award Deadline Changed
Proposals Sought For DEPSCoR Awards
CAREER Awards Available From NSF
Fiscal Year Ends June 30
Credit Union Will Open Friday
Memorial Union Lists Summer Hours
NDUS Hires Interim HECN Coordinator
Printing Center Closed For Inventory


The University Letter will begin its summer bi-weekly schedule with the
Friday, May 23 Letter. Because of the flood, we will continue weekly
production until then. The University Letter WILL be published Fridays, May 16
and 23, June 6 and 20, July 4 and 18, August 15, 22, and 29. Regular weekly
production will begin with the Aug. 15 issue. Deadlines remain at noon Tuesday
of the week you wish the article published. Submit items to me at Box 7144,
drop them off in 411 Twamley Hall, or e-mail them to me at

I had planned on printing "In the News" before the end of the semester, but
will instead wait until the back to school issue in the fall semester.  Please
send any news of publications, presentations and grants to me and I'll include
them. I had also planned to print the results of the University Letter survey,
but that, too, will be delayed until the fall semester and the return of
faculty. --  Jan Orvik, Editor, University Letter.



A briefing by President Baker will be held at 9 a.m. every Wednesday in the
Memorial Union Ballroom. He and other University officials will discuss flood
recovery and answer questions from the audience.


The University is providing temporary housing for faculty and staff in the UND
residence halls.  Grand Forks residents may also participate in the FEMA
temporary housing relocation program by visiting with a FEMA representative at
the Grand Forks Civic Auditorium.  One of the options available through FEMA
is residence hall housing.

To sign up for a room, go to Brannon Hall to check in between 9 a.m. and 
6 p.m. beginning Saturday, May 10, and daily until rooms are no longer
available.  Residence hall staff members will have you sign a residence hall
agreement, give you keys, and show you to your room.

No University-owned apartments are available to house faculty and staff; only
residence hall rooms are available.  Brannon, West and McVey Halls contain
suites with two double bedrooms sharing a bathroom.  Each room has two single
beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets.  The bathroom includes shower,
sink and toilet facilities.  A limited supply of bed linens is available, but
you are encouraged to supply your own.  You will need to bring towels.

To assist UND employees with financial hardships, there will be no charge for
residence hall rooms.

Meals will be provided in Wilkerson Hall. The available meal plan is for 14
meals per week. You may eat any 14 meals during the seven-day period. They
include unlimited servings of main entrees, vegetables, salad bar, desserts,
cereal and beverages. The meal plan is available for $9 per day for adults,
$4.50 per day for children 12 and under, and free for children age 2 and
under. No cooking is allowed in the residence halls.  The Red Cross also
provides meals throughout the city.


The University Children's Center will offer child care throughout the summer
from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Child care will be offered
for children ages 3 through 6 and those in grades first through third. 
Parents will pay the regular tuition rate of $l7 per day for a full day and
$ll for a half day (7:30 a.m. to noon, or l to 5:30 p.m.).  Parents may
schedule care for any number of half-days or full-days.  Full-day care
includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack; half-day care includes
corresponding meals.  University apartment residents will pay a reduced rate
of $l5 per day for full days or $9 for half days.  

We currently have full enrollment for the month of May, but will ask all
parents to reapply for the month of June.  At that time priority will be given
to those parents served during the past l996-97 school year, second to
University personnel and students, third to those parents served in May, and
fourth to the public.  University employees and students will need to submit
an application for June child care by May 27 to receive priority.  If you have
questions or would like to request an application, please call 777-3947 or
777-3480. -- Gayle Nelson, Director of Child Care and Family Services.


All departments disposing of items due to flood damage will be required to
provide an itemized listing of all equipment, furnishings and supplies that
were damaged and/or disposed of. This listing will be essential in estimating
our damages and obtaining any reimbursement from insurance or other sources.

The required information must include the tag number (if >$750), description,
location and estimated replacement value or cost to repair.
Additional information regarding this process will be sent to department
chairs by Tuesday, May 27. -- Pat Hanson, Director of Payroll.


The Harley French Library of the Health Sciences is temporarily located at the
Chester Fritz Library. For assistance please go to the Chester Fritz Library
or call 777-3318. -- Barbara Knight, Harley E. French Library of the Health


University employees who work in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences
building should wait until Monday, May 19, to return to work unless contacted
by their supervisor. They are strongly encouraged to stay in contact with
their supervisors during the week. Virtually the rest of the campus is back in
operation. UND employees who have not yet made contact with their supervisor
should do so immediately. -- H. David Wilson, Dean, School of Medicine and
Health Sciences.


The official pay policy for employees who worked during the University's
closure follows:

Exempt Employees

Current regular employees in Job Categories 1000-3999 who worked any time
during the closing of the University due to the recent flood are not required
to be compensated in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Acts.

Nonexempt Employees

Current regular employees in Job Categories 4000-8999 will receive their
normal salary plus pay for any hours they worked during the time the
University was closed.

For full-time regular nonexempt employees: any hours worked are to be paid at
an overtime rate.

For part-time regular nonexempt employees: Hours will be paid at an overtime
rate when the total of regular hours plus hours worked exceeds 40 hours in a
work week.

Temporary Staff or Students

Temporary staff or students who worked during the closing of the University
will be paid for hours worked at their regular rate and at one and one-half
times their regular rate for hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a work

In lieu of overtime pay, employees may be granted compensatory hours (comp
time). The use of comp time must be agreed to by both the employee and the
supervisor. Employees should use comp time before accumulated annual leave.

-- Pat Hanson, Director of Payroll, and Diane Nelson, Director of Personnel.


Budget and Grants Administration, together with the Office of Research and
Program Development, will host a general information session to discuss the
impact of the flood on existing grant/contract activity. Principal
Investigators on current grants/contracts and their support staff are
encouraged to attend. Each session will begin with a brief presentation, 
followed by questions and discussion. These discussions are the first step
toward evaluating the status of all sponsored programs and identifying what
issues must be dealt with to allow activities to resume and bring the programs
to completion.

To accommodate as many people as possible, three alternate times have been
scheduled in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl. They are: Wednesday, May 14, 1
to 3 p.m.; Thursday, May 15, 9 to 11 a.m.; Friday, May 16, 1 to 3 p.m.

If you are not able to attend, please contact Budget and Grants at 777-4151. -- Alice Brekke, Director, Budget and Grants Administration.


The University is providing faculty and staff with access to showers at the
Hyslop Sports Center, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day. You should watch for signs at
the Hyslop which will direct you as to which doors to use, etc. You must
supply your own soap and towels.


Thank you for your extraordinary cooperation as we process grades for Spring
Semester 1997. Please do not hesitate to call me with questions or concerns.

*  Grade sheets will be available for faculty to pick up in their departments
on Monday through Thursday, May 19-22. Beginning Friday, May 23, the grade
sheets which have not been picked up will be mailed to faculty, with the
assistance of departmental personnel.

*  Students will receive the grades they had earned by April 18, or, if they
request an Incomplete and they are eligible, an "I" may be assigned. Students
have until Saturday, June 7, to contact their instructors. If a student cannot
reach an instructor, the student should call the instructor's department for
assistance in locating the instructor. IF A STUDENT DOES NOTHING, THE CURRENT

*  Grades are due in the Office of Admissions and Records from faculty on
Wednesday, June 11. Normally, grades should not be submitted earlier because
students have until June 7 to request an Incomplete.

*  Incompletes will be handled in the usual way. A "Report of Incomplete"
should be filed. Grades for Incompletes will be due Tuesday, Sept. 23, for
storm-related Incompletes last December, the "I" will be removed from the
academic record at the time the grade is recorded if the instructor makes that

*  The transcript moratorium will be Wednesday through Friday, June 11-13;
that means no transcripts will be sent out during that maintenance period.

*  Low GPAs and Dismissals will be evaluated Friday, June 13.

*  A full grade report will be mailed to students Wednesday, June 18.

*  Our goal is to have all May 11 degrees posted by Tuesday, July 15.

*  PLEASE NOTE: The official end of the term remains May 9, and is the date
for deferments, verifications, and all other documents. May 11 is the official
graduation date.

-- Alice Poehls, Director of Admissions and Records.


The Office of Admissions and Records will present an informational meeting for
faculty and staff related to the processing of Spring 1997 grades and May
graduation. The meeting is scheduled for two alternate times in the Lecture
Bowl of the Memorial Union: Tuesday, May 20, noon to 1 p.m., and Wednesday,
May 21, 11 a.m. to noon. The purpose of the meeting is to review significant
dates and to discuss issues related to grades and graduation. -- Alice Poehls,
Director, Office of Admissions and Records.


To help assist students through the flood, the University
Bookstore will allow students to charge their books against the
financial aid they are receiving for the summer session.

Pre-authorization to charge is required and may be obtained at the
receptionist desk in the rear of the Text Book section of the Bookstore in the
Memorial Union. The students will be given a  Bookstore Charge Account with a
credit limit of $200, which will expire on May 16 at 4:30 p.m.

The students will use their student IDs at the register. The Account may be
used multiple times, but the minimum transaction is $25. -- Scott Joraanstad,
University Bookstore.


The flooding in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks left an indelible mark on our
communities and on the campus of the University. Early estimates of damage to
the UND campus are more than $50 million, with 72 campus buildings sustaining
damage from the flood waters. There was considerable damage to the UND School
of Medicine and Health Sciences facility, including destruction of valuable
laboratory equipment. President Baker has said that although insurance and
federal and state funds will provide some assistance, it will not come close
to covering the damage.

The University of North Dakota Foundation has set up a UND Flood Recovery Fund
to aid in the crucial recovery of the largest university in the state. A UND
Flood Report is being mailed to 62,000 UND alumni and friends, informing them
of the damages and the critical need for their assistance. An informational
video concerning the flood and its effect on UND has been produced for
distribution. Beginning in mid-May, an extensive phoneathon will be conducted
through the UND Foundation for the purpose of contacting alumni and friends
nationwide and asking for their support. Staff from the UND Alumni Association
will also contact foundations and corporations from across the nation asking
for grants and/or donations of equipment which would keep the University at
the highest level of quality to which it is accustomed.

UND has a proud tradition of alumni and friends providing financial support.
We know this loyalty and commitment will be there again to make UND even
stronger as a flagship of teaching, learning, and research.

Anyone who would like to contribute or provide assistance to the UND Flood
Recovery Fund, please contact the UND Foundation at 800-543-8764 or (701) 777-2611 or write to them at P.O. Box 8157, Grand Forks, ND 58202-8157;    e-mail:


The UND Foundation will conduct a UND Flood Recovery Phonathon. We are seeking
UND faculty and staff to volunteer to make calls as part of the phonathon. We
will divide the calls by college so faculty could speak directly to their

The phonathon will run from 6 to 10 p.m. May 14-15, May 19-22 and May 27-29.
We have heard from alumni across the nation who want to know how they can help
their alma mater. It is important that we get back to them quickly, let them
know how they can help, and give them an update on UND.

To volunteer, call DeAnna Larter at 777-2611 or e-mail her at
larter@badlands.nodak.edu. Leave your name, college and department, phone
number, and which days/times you can call. Training will be done at 6 p.m.
each scheduled evening.

-- Earl Strinden, Executive Vice President, Alumni Association and Foundation.


Our office has received a variety of calls from people interested in donating
money to flood relief funds.  Following are some addresses:

*    Grand Forks Flood Relief Fund
     North Dakota Community Foundation
     P.O. Box 387
     Bismarck, ND  58502-0387
     (mark checks "1997 Flood Relief Fund")

*    American Red Cross
     P.O. Box 37243
     Washington, DC  20013
     (mark donations "Grand Forks Flood Relief")

*    Salvation Army
     2300 Freeway Blvd.
     Brooklyn Center, MN 55430-1793
     (mark checks "Flood Relief")

*    University of North Dakota
     UND Foundation Flood Relief Fund
     Box 8157, UND
     Grand Forks, ND  58202

-- Jan Orvik, Editor, University Letter.


I have been asked by President Baker to chronicle the events leading up to the
flood, the flood itself, and the University's recovery from the event.  This
narrative will have two purposes: first, to record what happened during the
flood, and second, to demonstrate the role the University played in the flood
fight and the community.  If you have any documents, notes, or journals
created during the flood and are willing to share them and your memories,
please contact me at 777-3621. -- Jan Orvik, Writer/Editor, University Letter.


Due to the severe flooding and the demand for University housing for community
residents who have been forced out of their homes, the Alumni Association has
cancelled the Alumni Days activities scheduled on campus for May 21-23. Alumni
who graduated in the featured years of 1937, 1942, 1947, and 1952 will
celebrate their class reunions on campus next spring. The dates for the 1998
Alumni Days Celebration are May 20-22, 1998. -- Kirsten Carolin, Special
Events Coordinator, UND Alumni Association.



The School of Engineering and Mines will host a reception for Patricia Kelley,
Monday, May 19, from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in 166  Upson II Hall.
Dr. Kelley has resigned as chair of the Department of Geology and Geological
Engineering to accept a position as chair of the Department of Earth Sciences
at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Please join us to wish her
well in her future pursuits. -- Don Richard, Dean, School of Engineering and


The annual Recognition Luncheon for University of North Dakota staff has been
rescheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 19, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Memorial
Union Ballroom. Years of Service certificates will be presented and the 1997
Meritorious Service Award winners will be announced at this luncheon.

The deadline for the 1997 Meritorious Service Award nominations has been
extended to June 27. Nomination forms are available in WordPerfect via
GroupWise or in hard copy from Personnel Services, 313 Twamley Hall, phone
777-4361. Tickets for the Recognition Luncheon will be available for purchase
anytime after July 18 from Personnel Services, at a cost of $3 per ticket.


Faculty are asked to remind students that all papers to be considered for the
annual Merrifield Competition Award must be submitted to the Department of
Special Collections no later than Friday, May 23. The $1,500 scholarship is
awarded annually based upon a competitive review of original research papers
that utilize primary resource materials held in the Elwyn B. Robinson
Department of Special Collections in the Chester Fritz Library. More
information concerning research criteria and paper guidelines is available in
Special Collections, located on the Library's fourth floor. -- Sandy Slater,
Head, Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz



The Department of Defense (DoD) has very recently announced the DEPSCoR
(Department of Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research)
Awards Program for fiscal year 1997. Each of the 18 EPSCoR states is eligible
to apply for up to $5 million for three years. The program is funded at $16
million. DoD requires that each state submit its proposal from the State
EPSCoR Steering Committee. Each EPSCoR state proposal must consist of no more
than 15 separate fundable proposals.

There are four DoD sponsors: U.S. Army Research Office, Office of Naval
Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Ballistic Missile
Defense Organization. Research projects are open to all technical topics
listed in the sponsors' research announcements.*

Some key points from the official announcement*

"DoD may select or reject an entire state proposal package or fund only
sections of a state proposal."

"Multiple institution or multiple investigator research projects that are not
fully integrated to address one focused issue are not normally funded and are

"Given the intent of the DEPSCoR program to build infrastructure, DEPSCoR can
provide more funding for critical research infrastructure elements than
traditional, single investigator awards. . ."

"If a sufficient number of meritorious proposals are received, DoD also plans
to award fiscal year 1998 funds (~$10,000,000) through this announcement."

Principal investigators (PIs) must list the appropriate Agency
Division/Directorate and/or Technical Area on the cover sheet. This could be a
critical factor in ensuring that the proposal is reviewed by the appropriate
DoD sponsor. PIs should consult the agency web pages (addresses below) and
their university research office (addresses below).

Primary evaluation criteria:

1.  Scientific and technical merits of the proposed research.

2.  The potential contributions of the proposed research to the defense
missions of the sponsoring agencies.

3.  The likelihood of the proposed effort to develop new research capabilities
and to broaden the university research base in support of national defense,
and the potential to contribute to the education of future scientists and
engineers in disciplines critical to the DoD mission.
Other evaluation criteria include:

4.  The qualifications, capabilities, experience, and past research
accomplishments of the proposed PI, team leader or key personnel who are
critical to achieving the objectives of the proposal.

5.  The proposed involvement and interaction with DoD or other federal
laboratories, industry or other existing research centers of excellence.

6.  The realism and reasonableness of cost, cost sharing, and availability of

These awards are three-year, non-renewable grants expected to be in the
100K/year range. North Dakota must provide a 50 percent match. This match may
be comprised of (1) waiver of indirect costs; (2) graduate student tuition
waiver; (3) up to two months of faculty time per academic year; and (4) cash.
Budgets must be approved by the PIs university administration and ND EPSCoR.

A synopsis, e.g., PI, tentative title and a paragraph or two about the
proposed research (limit: one page), to be used only to aid in the selection
of a review panel, is due by noon Monday, June 2, (fax is okay: 701-231-7947).

The complete formal Principal Investigator proposals (four copies) will be due
in one of the ND EPSCoR offices by noon Monday, July 7. Following an external
peer review process, no more than 15 proposals will be chosen and returned to
the PIs for a final update of the proposal. The deadline for submission of the
final version of the selected proposals to one of the ND EPSCoR offices is
noon Monday, July 14. ND EPSCoR will coordinate the state's submission to DoD.


Each separate DEPSCoR proposal must be prepared in accordance with guidelines*
described in the Department of Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate
Competitive Research (DEPSCoR) fiscal year 1997. Please note that DoD requires
that an appropriate Technical Point of Contact be given on the cover page.**

*The announcements and guidelines may be obtained at North Dakota State
University in the Graduate School Office (201 Old Main) and the ND EPSCoR
Office (258 Dunbar Hall). At UND they are available at the Graduate School
(416 Twamley Hall), the Office of Research and Development (101 Twamley Hall)
and the ND EPSCoR Office (415 Twamley Hall). They are also available on the
web at the following addresses: 

http://www.ar.ncren.net/research/depsco97.htm (DEPSCoR Announcement),
http://www.aro.ncren.net (Army Research Office), http://www.aro.ncren.net
(Army Research Office), http://www.onr.navy.mil (Office of Naval Research),
http://web.fie.com/fedix/afosr.html (Air Force Office of Scientific Research),
and http://www.acq.osd.mil/bmdo/bmdolink/html/intro.htm (Ballistic Missile
Defense Organization).

**Copies of the official cover sheet as well as blank budget sheets are
available from both EPSCoR offices. 

-- David Givers, ND EPSCoR, NDSU, Fargo.


Outstanding new faculty who intend to develop academic careers involving both
research and education, and who are eligible, are encouraged to apply for
support toward that goal under the CAREER program. To be eligible for a CAREER
award, applicants MUST MEET ALL of the following requirements:

*  Be employed at an institution in the U.S., its territories or possessions,
or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, which awards a baccalaureate or advanced
degree in a field supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF);

*  Be in their first or second full-time tenure-track or equivalent academic
appointment at any institution and have begun the first appointment on or
after July 1, 1993, and before July 22, 1997;

*  Not hold or have held tenure on or before July 22, 1997;

*  Not be a current or former recipient of a Presidential or NSF Young
Investigator, Presidential Faculty Fellow, PECASE or CAREER award. Prior or
concurrent Federal support for other types of awards or for non-duplicative
research does not preclude eligibility.

CAREER awards, including indirect costs, range from $200,000 to $500,000 over
a four- to five-year period, depending on the scope of the project and NSF
directorate and disciplinary practices. The intent is to provide stable
support at a sufficient level and duration to enable awardees to achieve the
education and research career-development objectives of the program.

Applicants from EPSCoR states have expanded opportunities for funding within
this program. To take advantage of these opportunities, a letter accompanying
the proposal from the ND EPSCoR Project Director is required by NSF. Please
call Professor Boudjouk, (701) 231-8400, if you have any questions on this
aspect of the application.

CAREER proposals must be received at NSF by July 22, 1997. The next
opportunity to apply for this award will be July 1998.
For more information, contact: National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson
Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22230; telephone (703)306-1234; e-mail info@nsf.gov;
World Wide Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/1997/nsf9787/nsf9787.htm (complete

-- David Givers, NDEPSCoR, NDSU, Fargo.



At the close of each fiscal year, the Controller's Office is required to
prepare financial statements which properly reflect the expenditures for the
fiscal year ending June 30. For accurate financial statement presentation we
MUST charge all materials and services received by June 30, 1997, to fiscal
year 1997 funds. This is true for all funds, appropriated and non-appropriated, including grants and contracts.

Payments for new subscriptions will be processed from fiscal year 1997 funds
until June 1, 1997. Renewals for subscriptions that expire in fiscal year
1998, must be paid from fiscal year 1998 funds.

For PREPAYMENTS, the department should verify with the vendor that delivery
will be made by June 30. This should be documented on the Purchase Requisition
and Request for Payment. If the company does not guarantee delivery by June
30, the payment cannot be made from the 1997 budget.

Contact the Controller's Office at 777-2771 for more information. -- Allison
Peyton, Controller's Office.



The University Federal Credit Union, fourth floor, Twamley Hall, will open for
business Friday, May 16. -- George Meister, Manager, University Federal Credit


The Memorial Union Summer Schedule, Monday, May 12, through Tuesday, Aug. 19,


Lifetime Sports Center, closed
Info Center, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Service Center, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Copy Stop, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Burger King, to be announced
Bookstore, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Administrative Office, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Craft Center/Sign and Design Studio, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Dining Center (office only), to be announced
Barber Shop, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Centennial Dining Room, closed
Espresso Bar, closed
Corner Deli, closed
University Learning Center, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Union Station, closed
Passport ID's, closed
Computer Learning Lab, 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
Building Hours, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Union and all its facilities are closed all WEEKENDS from May 12 through
Aug. 18 except by special arrangement. All offices will also be closed Monday,
May 26, for the Memorial Day holiday. -- Marsha Nelson, Facilities
Coordinator, Memorial Union.


Charles Folkner of GFA Consulting, Inc., has been hired as the interim Higher
Education Computer Network (HECN) Coordinator for the North Dakota University

His duties begin May 14. Folkner's main office will be located in Fargo, but
his job includes providing centralized computing services for all the state's
11 campuses. HECN provides academic and administrative computing services for
the North Dakota University System, including uniform administrative software
systems for financial record keeping, student grades and records, payroll
services, network services, e-mail and research computing capabilities.

Folkner's job will include implementing the HECN strategic plan, developing a
technology plan required by HB1034 passed this past legislative session, and
providing leadership in administrative system development. The interim
position is temporary until a permanent director can be found. Folkner's
contract is to not exceed 18 months. Part of Folkner's job will be to assist
in the recruitment and selection of a new director.

Folkner is a partner in GFA Consulting, Inc., of Bellevue, Wash., a nationally
recognized firm in higher education strategic planning. He was involved with
the systemwide task force that developed a strategic plan for the North Dakota
University System in 1996. He has more than 35 years experience in computer
applications, languages, operating systems, communications, supercomputers,
graphics, and management.

Other colleges he has worked for include Washington State University,
University of Minnesota, California State University, Ohio State University,
University of Notre Dame, State University of New Jersey at Rutgers, Virginia
Polytechnic Institute, and the University of London.

-- Stacy Herron, North Dakota University System.


The Printing Center office will be closed Thursday, May 22, for its annual
inventory. -- Dic Ganyo, Manager, Printing Center.


MAY 1997

(Please contact Mavis at the Office of University Relations, Box 7144, or call
777-4304, if you wish to make changes or have an event included.)

Through Sun., May 18 -- BASEBALL, Central Region Baseball Tournament.

Mon., May 19 -- RECEPTION to honor Patricia Kelley, 166 Upson II Hall, 9:30 to
11 a.m.; Dr. Kelley has resigned as chair of the Department of Geology and
Geological Engineering to accept a position as chair of the Department of
Earth Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.


Wed. through Fri., May 21-23 -- UND ALUMNI DAYS, UND campus, CANCELLED.

Thurs., May 22 -- MEETING, Underrepresented Student Recruitment Committee, 305
Twamley Hall, 9 to 10 a.m.


Sat., May 24, through Sat., May 31 -- BASEBALL, Division II World Series.

Mon., May 26 -- HOLIDAY, Memorial Day.

Tues., May 27 -- INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD deadline for proposals requiring
full board review for Wed., June 4, meeting.

Thurs. through Sun., May 29-June 1 -- CONFERENCE, North Dakota EPSCoR, School
of Medicine and Health Sciences, UND campus; research focus of the program is
the study of protein-protein interactions through a diversity of approaches
and biological contexts; contact John Shabb (Biochemistry and Molecular
Biology) at 777-4946 or Dawn Botsford (Division of Continuing Education) at
777-4260 for more information.

UNIVERSITY LETTER is published weekly (bi-weekly during the summer) and
distributed at no charge to members of the University community. It is
also available electronically through UNDInfo, the University's menu
system on the Internet. The addresses are http://www.und.nodak.edu for
World-Wide Web and uninfo.und.nodak.edu for gopher.
All articles submitted for publication should be labeled "University
Letter" and must reach the editor by 1 p.m. Tuesday. Electronic
submissions may be sent to jan_orvik@mail.und.nodak.edu. Attachments to
University Letter require approval of the editor and an account number.
University Letter is issued by the UND Office of University Relations,
Jan Orvik, editor, Box 7144, 411 Twamley Hall, 777-2731.
UND is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.


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